Meet Healing Teddies and its power of an embrace

Healing Teddies is an Israeli based non profit organization that turned teddy bears into a positive mental reinforcement tool that are being given to cancer patients and trauma victims in Israel in a very special method.


Its original concept is based on research that proves the impact for positive thinking, guided imagination and the power of embrace.


Each Healing Teddy has unique hugging instructions that reinforces its positive affect on both mental and physical health.

How did it all start

אילנה קונסטנטינובסקי

Healing Teddies was founded and initiated by Ilana Konstantinovsky after losing her beloved mother to cancer

Ilana turned her personal tragedy and experience into a nonprofit initiative turned soon evolved into an empire of hugs reaching thousands of patients in Israel and beyond

Healing Teddies needs your embrace

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Commando Team and their special training

The volunteers of Healing Teddies go through a special training to give support and encouragement to patients and help them restore their faith in their ability to recover. Healing Teddies has helped over 44,000 people in Israel and beyond

Many patients and those coping with trauma and PTSD have shared their positive impact of Healing Teddies on their recovery process

?How can you help and join us

In order to help many more people, we need you support. Please donate to we can share the love and support to hundreds more people and provide an embrace that helps them feel better

We will be happy if you adopt an activity in Israel or help us spread beyond Israel

Healing Teddies needs your embrace

Donate us with Jgive

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